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How our team at Blomquist Consulting will support your organization

Executive Coaching and Training

Facilitating organization-wide change starts at the top. These engaging and customized experiences will provide your managers with the foundational skills necessary to institute effective, positive change.

Complete, Custom HR Packages

After a deep dive into your organization’s culture and current operating processes, we’ll collaborate with your managers to determine what change is necessary to achieve your business goals.

Keynote Programs and Workshops

Individualized programs that will invigorate and inspire your audience. Collaborative breakout sessions or leading presentations delivered in-person or virtually, customizable to each audience.

1-1 Leadership Coaching

Elevate your leadership! The right training and support are vital for even the top performers to succeed in leadership positions.

We offer comprehensive mentoring and leadership coaching to provide employees with the skills necessary to create foundational leadership.

Equip your organization leaders with a strong foundation of communication skills, emotional intelligence, and business ingenuity.

Team Training and Workshops

The ability to facilitate collaboration and bring out the best in people elevates a manager from being simply effective to truly exceptional. 

Team training and workshops are an opportunity to transform employees into effective leaders and address potential weaknesses preventing growth.

Leverage these programs to transform emerging leaders into catalysts for team performance and organizational success. 

Meet Chris Blomquist,

Principal Consultant

We started Blomquist Consulting with the intention of being refreshingly different. With prior experience in the HR consulting space, it became apparent that the typical industry approach disregarded the long-term goals and unique needs of individual companies too often.

With an original approach crafted from years of experience, we are eager to institute positive change for the better of organizations and their employees. The name ‘Blomquist’ coincidentally means, “fruitful branch”, and we are continually motivated to collaborate with companies to help them flourish and thrive.

Meet Chris Blomquist, Principal Consultant at Blomquist Consulting

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Wifi in Motion SinglePoint

Chris is the most effective HR professional I have worked with in my career. His expertise in culture development was instrumental to build trust, transparency, and accountability.

Ron Hughs

Director of Manufacturing, Lumencore, Inc.

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Retention Philosophy

Retention Philosophy

Every executive and organization has their own retention philosophy. It’s time we move away from demonizing people for considering their options and looking for ways to feel fulfilled. While a role may continue to be challenging or pose new problems to solve, most individuals will look elsewhere if they feel a lack of equal growth in their current position’s responsibilities and their own perceived capabilities. When people feel unfulfilled, they find fulfillment elsewhere. Simple.

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Adding Values

Adding Values

The process of establishing and embracing core values may not always be at the forefront of senior leaders’ minds, as the direct connection between values and revenue can be challenging to grasp. However, the absence of well-defined core values can lead to a multitude of misalignments within a company, hindering its progress and growth.

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Blomquist Consulting your trusted HR team

While HR can quickly become overwhelming, it is also an area that serves every sector of business operations. Let’s talk to determine what HR strategies to implement to support your organization’s objectives and long-term goals.